10 Benefits of a Punching Bag Workout

This great workout will improve many aspects of fitness, strength, and endurance and will make you feel much better within yourself. 30 minute sessions, three times a week on the punch bag and you will reap the benefits. Its one of the best overall workouts and great for burning those calories and losing weight. If you stick with the workout then you will see results.

Cardiovascular conditioning is built up together with working your shoulders, back and arms. Starting with two minute rounds increasing to three to five will greatly improve fitness and stamina and get your heart pumping. The bodies muscles are exercised with proper technique. You will achieve increased strength and confidence together will mental focus.

The punching bag can be set-up at home with very little expense compared to the costs of paying for gym membership. The traditional method of hanging a punch bag is from a solid wall or ceiling using brackets. If space is an issue, then there are free standing punch bags available which are filled with water or sand. After the workout these can be rolled away into a corner. Make sure you wear bag gloves to protect your hands during your workout. Striking the bag can cause injury so a warm up before and after is essential to your workout.

The summary of punch bag benefits is as follows:

1). Self defense

2). Stamina Improvement

3). Strength, endurance

4). Punching power

5). Confidence and mental focus

6). Fitness

7). Timing, hand eye coordination

8). Weight loss, calorie burn

9). Body conditioning

10). Stress reliever

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