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10 Best Pre & Post Workout Meals / Snacks

Please READ this box for more info. PRE and POST workout snacks are the meals you eat right before and after working out. These meals are crucial and can help in improving your performance and results — to lose fat and build lean muscle, increase strength and be healthy.

In this video, I’ll be sharing with you on:
– Why pre & post workout snacks are important
– What & when to consume
– Some quick and easy ideas of pre and post workout snacks you can make
– Basic guidelines to pre & post workout snacks to help improve your performance and results.

My Peanut Butter Oatmeal Energy Bar recipe is in this video:

Learn how to make a healthy & delicious Green Smoothie in this video:

Please visit this link to see what does 20g of Protein look like:

What does 20 grams of protein look like?

For Vegans, please visit this link for a list of high protein plant based food:

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  1. Excellent video love how you get to the point and explain everything for us to understanding.
    what should you eat and do when your are taking a rest day from working out?

  2. horrible advice; fasting cardio is practiced by many pro athletes especially bb… nobody I heard of recommends chocolate milk post workout unless you are gaining; it is a pre workout

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