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Check out this 10 minutes Fitness Challenge prepared by Joe, our qualified Personal Trainer & Fitness Class Instructor.

Make sure you warm up before trying this workout so that you can get the most out of this workout & most importantly help keep you safe. You can find a quick warm-up by Joe attached below in our comments.

This workout requires no equipment & will give your whole body a great strength & fitness challenge. It will be really useful if you write down how many reps of each exercise you manage & which exercises you select so that you can see how you are progressing over the next few weeks.

In this workout, Joe takes you through 8 exercises with 45 seconds work & 15 seconds rest if you need to make this easier try for 30 seconds work resting where you need to. If you would like to make it tougher you can try for 60 seconds work per exercise or reduce your rest periods.

Squat Jumps (or Squats)
Press Ups (Knee’s or Toes)
Power Knee’s (both sides)
Lunge Jumps (or Alternating Lunges/Squats)
Squat Thrusts or Mountain Climbers
Plank Obliques (Knee’s or Toes)
Burpees (option Burpee Step Outs or Squats) add in press-ups &/or tuck jumps for extra intensity

So give this workout a try guys & let us know how you get on!

It is also really important to cool back down & stretch out those muscles that you have been working after your workout. This will help to stop your muscles from tightening up afterwards & can help you improve your flexibility over time, you can find a quick cool-down video by Joe attached below.

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