Fitness Workout for Women

10 Minute Abs Workout for Beginners

This 10 Minute workout features low impact exercises that target all your core muscles for a flat belly, but also are easy on the back. Great for beginners or anyone suffering from lower back pain or joint pain. Options for all levels.

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  1. Great video! I'm a runner who is trying to add strength training into my routine and this is the perfect ab workout for beginners. It was hard enough to be challenging, but easy enough that I felt confident in the movements and could complete the whole thing. I will be checking out your other videos. Thanks!

  2. Finally, a good core workout that is at my speed! I am just beginning to exercise and every other video I've found has left me discouraged. I can do this! Thanks for making this video, Amy!

  3. Thank you so much for your videos. showing ways to make it a beginner video or advanced. I love the music you use, that you do all the exercises with us, and your happy disposition. You are #1 with me.

  4. Wow this workout is awesome!! Your voice is so calming and motivating. I definitely was able to hone in and listen to my body making sure to really focus on my core. Thank you Amy!

  5. "Yes. So much yes," is what my daughter said after completing this exercise routine the first time. She says she likes that it  only caused a slight burn in her muscles, but LOVED how the stretches at the end felt on her lower back.

  6. Hello. I have a question for you. I have this problem that when im doing these exercises even though my lower back is on the ground, the part hat burns is not my abs its my lower back. I really dont know what im doing wrong , im pretty sure that my back is on the ground and im tucking my bell button in but still my back hurts, and i dont have a back problem that i know till now 🙂 . I would be so happy if you'd help with this problem. Thank you so much.

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