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This is a great 10 minute workout by Yvette Salva, a personal trainer from New Jersey.
Try also the new “10 Min Ab Workout – Stomach Exercises To Lose Belly Fat” video here:

Check out more videos at and the Yvette Salva YouTube Channel…

The 10 Exercises:
1. Abdominal Hip Raises
2. Abdominal V-ups – Legs Straight Or Bent
3. Abdominal V-ups – Legs Straight Or Bent – Opposite Side
4. Abdominal Front Hip Lift
5. Toe Touches
6. The Walking Plank
7. Bicycle Exercise
8. Russian Twists
9. Ins And Outs
10. Leg Lowers With Circle

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Abdominal Hip Raises
Abdominal hip raises really are a great exercise that needs to be contained in your work out, no matter current strength or level of skill. This exercise is helpful not just for the reason that it could tone and bolster the muscles of the low back along with the abdominal, glute and hamstring muscles, but also can help stabilize this area of the human body. This helps it be great for individuals who have problems with back pain. Additionally, just like all strength exercises, abdominal hip raises improve your metabolic process, thereby raising calorie burn and assisting to achieve fat loss goals.

Abdominal V-Ups
Abdominal V-Ups are a workout that work both upper and lower ab muscles at exactly the same time. You may also make use of the exercise to simply help bolster the spine muscles and also to tighten the thighs. Be cautious performing abdominal V-Ups, because the exercise could cause less back injury unless you make use of the proper technique. This exercise works the obliques – the muscles beside your waist and abdomen – and helps banish that muffin top.

Russian Twists
Russian twists are one of the better methods to work your obliques, the muscles that help rotate your torso. The obliques tend to be neglected by body builders seeking a tapered torso, women who desire an inferior waist and fitness fanatics enthusiastic about the “6-pack. But without strong obliques, all of the support of the core falls to the abdomen and spine. Use Russian twists to offer your waist a solid, healthier shape, rebuffing the “love handles”.

Plank Exercises
Plank exercise is among the best abdominal training exercises, that also help workout on the trunk muscles. Additionally, it utilizes legs and arms, hence strengthening and building the muscles of legs and arms too. One needs endurance to do this exercise, and it’s also advised that beginners should first perform other basic abdominal and straight back exercises prior to starting with the plank exercises.

Exercise To Lose Belly Fat
Whether you wish to eliminate belly fat around your stomach or you need to look great, 10 minute ab workouts will allow you to achieve anything you are seeking. There are numerous great exercises which, when performed regularly, can maybe not only make your belly flat but may also enable you to feel and look good. The next ab workout to reduce stomach fat can help you tone down the inches and obtain an attractive envious figure.

In the event that you were asked to select one part of the human body you’ll desire to change, what type would it not be? Odds are, like legions of fellow patients, it might be that stubborn belly that simply will not appear to flatten out, irrespective of just how many soul-crushing crunches you inflict about it. But with the newest interest and give attention to the significance to build a powerful core for the entire well-being, fitness experts have identified the utmost effective lower cardio workout recognized to not merely bolster the area, but in addition have the chiseled look.

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  1. Just finished it. Tummy hurts. Haha. Wanna do it every morning but can i get rid of my lower fat belly with this? I just gave birth 1yr ago and i still have the excess skin. Not too much but the saggy skin is there. 

  2. This is the best video on the abdominal muscles. I exercise just by this video. It's great, is not understanding the abdominal muscles. Thanks for rotation.:))))) !!!

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