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10 Minute HOME Workout for Women – NO Equipment Needed!

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There is nothing like the flexibility of a great home workout that provides women with the ability to not only follow a workout program, but stick to it! This 10 minute home workout is the ideal option for those busy women looking for something they can do quickly without requiring any equipment.

In fact, with this bodyweight home workout, you will be doing just 4 exercises…that become surprisingly hard after even just one or two rounds. This combination cardio and strength training workout is ideal for women because it helps us to target our stubborn body fat areas while toning up our legs, arms and abs.

This workout at home option consists of high knees for your legs, burpees for your arms and abs, mountain climbers for your core and abs, and mini squat hops for lean toned legs! No need to count reps here either, just set your stopwatch and build up a sweat while you burn fat at home with this 4 exercise home workout for women.

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  1. This looked so easy then I did it and after my 3rd round of burpees my knees were giving out ha! Great workout, I'm sweating. I'm going to attempt to do this morning and night to help with my overactive appetite and restless energy.

  2. hello I am 23 and I gain my weight very fast my weight is 60kg plz tell me is this exercise is good for me bcz my frnds says when I'll start exercise my weight cant loss plz help me

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