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12 Week Workout Plan – Weeks 1-3



Buff Dudes / Fitness / 12 Week Workout Program – Weeks 1 through 3
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  1. guys i go to the gym 6 times a week and i really dont know what to do but in one day i workout all my muscles lol (chest,shoulders,legs,biceps,triceps)all in one day because i dont have a workout plan can someone please help me and tell me what to workout in monday,thursday etc and some exercises for these please sorry for my english

  2. Chest Exercises: Presses, Flys, Pushups, Crossovers, Dips, Others
    Lat Exercises: Pullups/chinups, Rows, Pulldowns, Pullovers
    Quad Exercises/ other: Squats, Lunges, Step ups, Leg Extensions, Adductor/Abductor work, Leg Press, Wall sit, Others
    Hamstring/ Glute exercises: Deadlifts, Hip extensions, Glute bridges, hanging hamstring raises, leg curls, good mornings, etc..
    Calf exercises: Calf raises
    Shoulder exercises: OHP, Reverse flys, Front raises, lateral raises, Upright rows, Pushup type exercises, Cable pulls, others
    Trap exercises: Shrugs, Upright rows
    Bicep exercises: curls
    Tricep exercises: Tricep extensions, skull crushers, tricep dips, tricep pushdowns, tricep kickbacks, bodyups, others
    Forearm exercises: wrist curls, farmer's walks, others
    Ab exercises: Leg raises, crunches/ situps, in and outs/ bicycle type movements on floor, planks, lower back extension type exercises, others
    Neck exercises: Neck curls

  3. This is my second weekdoing this and last week deadlifts fucked my back up , I need better form for sures , today I did em for a bit , kinda stayed away for them for the most part tbh. I don't wanna not do them but I want to correct my form before I tackle them more agghhh

  4. Okay so I started one day 4 , shoulders and traps. Cause yeah couldn't start on Monday , anyways idk I don't feel sore or anything as of right now , maybe I went too light , hopefully I feel sore tomorrow cause yeah I wanna get this shit I currently weight 169, I started at 181 a month ago today

  5. I am Staring Monday February 15, at 5'9 208lb. heavier set 18 year old who wants to make a change and already have been changing the diet and now getting on a real workout regimen. thanks to the buff dudes, I'll make this happen.

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  7. I recently started going to the gym and I'm just wondering if you can train both legs and upper body every time you go to the gym? (if you rest 48h) Or if it's best for you to have like 'leg day' and stuff like that?

  8. So I got your plan and needed a demo of one of the exercises, never heard of it. So I'm watching the week 1-3 video and you're not even following the exercises in the plan. Also, the plan says "day1-4" you started with Monday Chest day. I am extremely confused.

  9. I've been looking for a gym workout routine and this has been the best one so far but it's only from Monday to Thursday is the rest of the week rest days yeah or not

  10. So when it calls for something like 4 sets 20 15 10 8. Is it do 20 reps 15 an so on that's the 4 sets or is it do 20 15 so on and that one set ?? Help a brother out

  11. my buddy and me have been doing this for a week…. already seeing huge improvements. the first week was just getting the weights down for each set… we started lighter and got heavier each set.. whether that was 5-10lbs or 45s on squats and such. I had been out of the gym for a bit this workout is killer. thanks guys.

  12. I have a question: why in some exercises you increase the weight but go lower with the reps and in some others you just maintain the weight and the reps numbers? How does that translates to the muscles?

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