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12 Week Workout Plan – Weeks 10-12

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Buff Dudes / Fitness / 12 Week Workout Program – Weeks 10 through 12
Edited by: Hudson
Starring: Brandon & Hudson

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Buff Dudes Logo by: Brandon White

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  1. I've completed week 1-9 now. But week 10-12 is confusing me.
    Can someone pls help with the superset stuff, I don't exactly know what is a superset and when do we use them.

  2. Can any one help me I have a problem!!

    my right hand strong than left hand when I play with bar its harder with left hand what can I do to make the both hand be stronger

  3. hey +Buff Dudes 
    Can you gain weight during the group?
    Example exercise in Incline Barbell Press there 4 groups divided on 15/12/10 / 8 :
    15 reps > 10 kG
    12 reps-> 14 kG
    10 reps —–> 20 kG
    8 reps ————–> 24 kg

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