Fitness Workout for Men

15 Minute Ab Workout – HIIT Abs Workout for Men & Women – 15 Min Abdominal Workout at Home

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  1. Hi Coach Kozak! I've been doing your workouts for years and I just want to say that you are doing wonderful thing for everyone by posting these workouts. Thanks so much! I just did your new MMA workout and then clicked on this video and I am dying! Thanks! Y'all are the best :)

  2. Really effective workout, my midsection was burning. I love the crab move in the beginning and the side plank arm swings – those were definitely new to me and I liked them. I used this workout as a finisher to my 50 min low impact full body workout

  3. The burn was crazy!:but I kept hearing you say don't stop, keep pushing and I didn't quit.. finished it… I'm gonna do it again in a couple of days thanks guys for your dedication, and encouragement means a lot.

  4. Just finished this workout after doing a couple other of your videos first. I did your intense 8 minute abs and also your bicep workout.
    Brutal!!!! I love it. Thank you so much for the awesome videos!!!!!!!

  5. Ow, in a good way. I've been doing HASfit routines for quite a while now but I have never tried the Claw using weights before, and there are several ab exercises that are new in this one. It's been almost an hour since I finished this and I can still feel my ab muscles burning, which is great 'cuz I thought they were already in pretty good shape.

  6. great ab workout! one question though, I have some lower back pains doing the 45 degree angle movements like the russian twist.. anything I can do to combat that?

  7. it was very a challenging workout, but I have learned to love the burn and I have done 11 rounds watching all incredible fat torturing exercises after week after week from coach kozak! So I sweat profusely, and lost 45lbs, now I'm 165bs. Thank You Coach Kozak and Claudia you are my heros!

  8. Abs-solutely one of the most effective core routines we've ever done!

    Follow the free routine or the instructions below:

    2 Rounds of 50 seconds of each exercise:

    Claw / without Weights
    Butterfly Reach Crunch / without Weights
    Side Plank + Shoulder and Front Raise / without Weights
    Russian Twists / without Weights
    Punch Out Sit Up / without Weights

    Finisher Round – 60 seconds each:
    Plank Hip Touchdowns / from Knees
    Side Plank Dips / from Knees

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