Fitness Workout for Men

15 Minute At Home Workout for Men No Weights – INFERNO

Want the most out of your workout? Then you need these three essential pieces of home-workout equipment. Download the guide free here:

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  1. This is wooping my ass…
    Doing this for 1 whole week now.
    Yesterday I couldn't go to work because of the atrocious pain in my neck(maybe after doing too much push ups)

  2. hey i know your video as been there for a while ,,, i just started working out ,,, i waste 140 lbs im pretty thin and not realy in good shape …. i started with 50 push ups , and 50 crunch , then i do your training ,,,,, is normal that i cant do more then 15 min after 1 month ??

  3. can someone explain how many times i should do for a day and a week?,i need to have a proper schedule,cuz i know i also need a rest day too..

  4. thanks for the video im around 14 stoned heavy smoker with a tumor removed 2 years a go, off my right lung i feel sick lol dizzy. more please for the lungs i need to get breathing again. suggest things to me guys please your could be help saving my life :)

  5. Man! I've been doing this for exactly 50 days and holy f*ck, I feel so much better with my physique, energy, strenght, etc, thank you. Just thank you for posting this video :^)

  6. Im gonna start doin this im 14 and im 200 pounds i need this im doin this everyday and i play games to man. I am thankful for finding this video im gonna be so happy when there is a new me.

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