Quick Fitness Workout

15 Minute Cardio and Total Body Toning Boot Camp Workout – Quick Sweat Bodyweight Cardio Workout

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  1. I like this workout for days when I dont have much time! I did notice that Kelly left out the second set of Jumping Squats though…makes it a bit easier in the second round :)

  2. If I do this combined with a 15 minute abs video, is that a long enough time if done 6 days a week for 30 minutes total to get results to a flat stomach? And if so how long will it take?

  3. i just had two kids back to back. i went from 160 lbs to 240, got down to 195 i really dont have time to take care of myself as much as i should as i dont have time but now that ive put my mind to it i squeeze in these workout whenever i can. A little hard to do the whole 15 minutes but day by day it gets a little easier. i love these videos thank you so much

  4. Kelli… This is awesome. My favorite short video so far with the most bang for my buck. I'm super busy and I stopped working out for a long time, but now I do this as hard as I can in the mornings and I'm just happier with myself. Thank you!

  5. Halfway through the second set I felt faint and felt like throwing up so I slowed down for the rest of it and managed to complete all of it. Seems like it's been too long that I've done such workout. Gotta get back on track now. Thanks for making this video! :)

  6. Good one but Kelly you know you missed the second set of squat jumps….couldn't cheat myself, had to do a quick 20. Sucks when you've been inconsistent and take breaks…just jump in and do your best. Thanks Kelly!

  7. This is so good
    If I wanted to see an aprovment of me lose weight do I do this with different exercises from your challen and eat healthy and just been of my energy.
    I like your fitness exercises. I tend to take alot of rest because I am an azmatic but it doesn't stop me from doing this. Keep it up 

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