Quick Fitness Workout

15-Minute Full-Body Workout: Fast and Furious Calorie Burn

Short on time? Then this is the workout for you. Autumn Calabrese, creator of the 21-Day Fix (21DayFix.com), shortened her signature Dirty 30 Workout just for us. It may only be 15 minutes long, but every second is designed to tone you all over while keeping your heart rate up. Yep, you’re about to burn significant calories while building metabolism-boosting muscle.

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  1. This is my first round and I don't really need to do this but I do it Kuz it will help me be stronger is it bad that it's hard to do the side stuff? Or I just need to do it more to get use to it?

  2. I have been doing this 10 minute workout every other day for two weeks. I still can't complete each routine. I have to stop before it's done. Not sure I will ever be able to do the whole DT workout.

  3. Oh my goodness! My not quite two-year-old was trying to do the moves with me!! Adorable. Then he points at Autumn and says "I like her" and then points again and says "Mommy". You've won him over Autumn! hehehe PS- I also enjoyed the workout this morning. I waited a little too long to get out of bed…

  4. This was a really good all around work out for 15 min! Thanks girls for a killer workout. I like this because as I get more in shape, I can add more weight and squeeze in a few more reps. And then grab my oxygen tank…hee hee

  5. What exercises can I do to make the butt kiss, leg raises easier? My arm hurt when I try to balance my body weight on it and I don't seem to have enough strength to do the butt kiss.

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