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15 Minute Total Body HIIT Workout – Advanced Bodyweight Exercises to Burn Fat Fast

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  1. After doing the Cardio kick boxing and bodyweight cardio video n this one , I think I'm done for today! I'll be using crazy glue as a lip gloss today ???? jk Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Im 14 and 130 pounds i lost 30 pounds in the past 4 months or so just running doing these hiit exercises … I kept a steady healthy diet With rich foods, basically not starving myself. Im aiming towards 120 tho :)

  3. first time i did this was before the 8 Week Fat Loss Program, i could only do 1 round of those clapping push-ups. This was the second time i did this and i could do 2 rounds of clapping push-ups and i was able to finished it with more energy. I'm dead, but i can see now how much I became stronger after 5 weeks! Thank you so much

  4. Murder. I was wasted on 5th minute. Was unconsciousness for 30-40 minutes. Looks like fat burning is really working because i was not eating this half hour.

  5. You ar awesome! Thank you for doing this. I was running everyday for cardio but the Texas heat is terrible and its nice to do this inside including all your other workouts! Thank You and I love that I can listen to my own music or watch Tv and have you on you tube now that im familiar and the way the seconds count down for sets and stuff. Love you man Great workouts!!!!!

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