Fitness Workout for Women

25 Min Arm Workout for Women & Men – Bicep Tricep Workout at Home Arms with Weights Dumbbells

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  1. I wanted to try this, but I have very weak triceps and don't think I could work them out continuously without breaks. I think it would have been better to alternate between bi's and tri's. Or is there more benefit in working out this way?

  2. This was such a great workout. I'm 66 and used 5 and 8 lb weights and I was able to use the 8 lb through most of it. I still can't do a push up very well, but I did them on the wall and still felt it. Thanks to both of you especially Claudia who makes the workout perfect for me..

  3. that was more brutal than I expected. no rest between sets = brutal. I even cut my usual weight for these exercises by about half and it was a real challenge getting through this. expecting pain tomorrow. . .

  4. This is the only fit channel I watch now. I've even stopped going to the gym as much as I'm doing a lot more by just doing this. Thanks, hopefully, you will keep going

  5. After a few months on another DVD cardio workout, and after 3…3 HASfit workouts, I went back to my cardio workout just to mix it all in again and seriously, felt so much stronger. And I REALLY think it was because of the HASfit videos. Doing hanging mount climbers felt like a breeze and I was able to push myself higher up and hold it longer. I thought, no way!!! You guys are too awesome! Loved this arm workout, love the HIIT, love it all.

  6. Would you please do a chest only workout (one that has options for those who can't do pushups) and one for just triceps again for those who can't do pushups? My boyfriend and I have been doing your videos for about three weeks now and we love them. Thanks!

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