Fitness Workout for Women

25 Min Beginner Workout Routine for Women & Men at Home – Workouts for Beginners without Weights

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  1. You are an amazing coach. It's amazing how you are able to talk throughout workouts which is so very motivating only coach I know that does that. God Bless you and your beautiful family

  2. Im sorry i could only make it to minute 16, this is my first time working about in 6 years lol. tried my hardest but my asthma started up . I really did better then i thought i would, im sorry for not making it through the whole thing. I almost threw up to is that supposed to happen? Is there a way to prevent the throw up feeling? That's what stopped me. But ill do the same tomorrow and the day after that.I heard that the first time is the hardest. ;)

  3. This is second video of yours I've worked out to. I'm surprised with and proud of myself cause i stuck with it until the end, thank you so much for being a great motivator.

  4. Well, I'm a 90 kg beginner, and I'm totally breaking sweat down here… Thank you for the video. Hope I can manage it routine… But I can't find a cool down excercise on your channel. Isn't it necessary to do it after?

  5. i've been training with your videos for a few months and did this one this morning. you are an inspiration. i'm losing weight and gaining shape now, thanks

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