Fitness Workout for Men

28 Minute Workout, Full Body Toning Strength and Cardio Workout, Fat Burning Workout for men + Women

Grab your dumbbells for this All Over, Intermediate, Full Body, Cardio & Strength Workout! I am using 8 & 10 LB dumbbells. This workout focuses on isolating one side of your body for each exercise so you use your core!


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  1. Shelly, you are amazing and you have some of the VERY best workouts EVER!!! This is coming from an AFAA & NETA certified Group Fitness Instructor and ACSM certified Personal Trainer with an MS in Exercise Science. You just might be my favorite instructor!!! Thanks so much for the great workouts and your fabulous energy!!! You're AMAZING!!!

  2. I prefer 60 min total body workouts. do u make those types of longer videos? or do u personally only workout 30 min per day? I know i can combine workouts but I cast these videos to my tv & it takes too long to set up additional videos causing me to lose momentum & focus.

  3. Just finished this workout. Yes, Yes, Yes! I am a clinical counselor and sit ( I try to move throughout the day), the majority of the day. So, being able to come home and workout like this means a lot. I feel great, I feel great. However, I still can't keep up with Shelly's energy level. Lol. You are amazing. Thanks.

  4. I have mild CP my entire my right side and i enjoy working out to you low impact workouts Shelly. Workout really push my limit and most times i have to do lot of stretches before i start the workout and sometimes i fall down but i get such sense of accomplishment when i finish the workout. Thank you!!

  5. Loved this one!!! I'll definitely be back for more! If you haven't tried a Shelly workout yet, you HAVE to! They are the best for fun, variety and effectiveness. Please keep doing what you are doing, Shelly. You are motivating a lot of people to move and be healthy! Thanks!

  6. Phew! I felt like I could've kept going with those jump squats at the end haha I don't know what came over me but I had to stop because I've got an essay  to start writing.

  7. Love it???????????? we can always depend on you for a great workout. Thank you so much for keeping me motivated. I wish I wasn't so shy because since I started working out with you, about a year now, I've gotten more compliments on my arms ????????

  8. Just finished this weeks awesome workout Shelly… Combined this with one of your cardio kickboxing/core workouts to kick my butt……Needed to burn some extra calories for over indulging this weekend haha!! Feel great now. Thanks for being my daily workout partner, love being part of your tribe! Have a great week. xxx

  9. Oh Shelly, I just love you…and your workouts. "I was moving so fast my hair fell out," hard to laugh and breathe at the same time. Your hustle, yes please! Holy mother of side lunges…glad you promised I would get back up. There were times I had to wonder! Felt like a bobbing duck with that dead leg lift…hahaha. Another amazing workout. The combo was exactly how I needed to start this week. Hugs, my friend…and thanks.

  10. Thank you for a great workout. It always surprises me just how much you can get your heart rate up during the low intensity sections. You are by far my favourite workout channel. Thank you so much.

  11. jus did this one and the last one back to back n wow I'm sweating n feeling so accomplished its so true about when u put ur mind to it how u can do anything becz i never thought id be able to do one of these let alone 2 of these workouts its crazy how far I've came becz of your channel from zero to full blown athlete! lol;) thanks shelly

  12. Just did this Shelly, it was great and it was exactly what I needed today I wanted a workout without doing hiit so this was timely…. thanks for all you do!!!! now to go dry off all this sweat haha.

  13. Dear Shelly, you're so amazing, so awsome! Your workouts are so addictive and contagious! Always waiting for the next one. Always wanting more and more 🙂
    You, my friend, are such an inspiration!
    I move with you every morning. I feel so blessed! You make my days!
    Thank you very much for being here!
    Big hugs from Portugal.

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