Fitness Workout for Women

30-Minute Full-Body Strength-Training Workout

This strength-training workout will get your heart rate up and tone your full body. Each exercise is 25 reps, so take breaks as needed and know that you can work up to it!

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  1. Good fun, doable but challenging. Thank you and I will do this one again. I love low impact strength and conditioning. Jumping at 62 is not tolerable on the knees lol

  2. Did this workout yesterday and I really liked the moves. I wish there was a 2 sec break in between each move-felt like it went a little quick for me. I loved the 10 moves, 25 reps thing. Is there a list of the moves somewhere? I'd love to be able to do these moves on my lunch break!

  3. This was so good! I like her coaching style and it was challenging but shes motivating that you can stick with it and you'll feel great after! More like this one- with weights!

  4. Really enjoyed this workout. It was quick and had just the right amount of intensity. I used 12’s and 8’s, and added hammer curls to the top of the hesitation lunges. Thanks!

  5. I was looking for a strength training workout that wasn't cardio-intrnsive, and this fit the bill! The instructor, Shannon, guided through each of the poses in a clear and encouraging fashion. I would have liked to see more arm work, but as far as legs and and go this workout was fantastic.

  6. I kept searching for this video after doing it before, and it just took me fifteen minutes to find. It says it is "unlisted" — popsugar, please put this video back on your page in an easier to find spot!

  7. i didnt have weights so i just grab two broken steam irons lol.. after all it was kept aside to collect dust. sweats like crazy thanks popsugar for a good workout in the morning <3

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