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300 Workout Plan The Spartan Workout – Free workout tips to help you get that lean muscular look, just like the guys in the movie.

300 workout details and free workouts. Plus see different modifications to fit all fitness levels.

Discover the original 300 workout used by the cast and crew of the movie 300. See how to do this fat burning muscle building workout.

First made popular by the movie this spartan workout soon became a hit with CrossFit and made its rounds in the fitness world for a second time.

The 300 workout routine is a great change of pace from regular bodybuilding type of workouts, or your typical cardio routines. It will build up your muscular endurance, increase your work capacity, and help provide some unique muscle stimulation.

Want abs like the Spartan Warrior Gerard Butler in 300, give this workout routine a try.

One actor from the cast, Andrew Pleavin, completed the 300 workout routine in 18 minutes, 11 seconds, see if you can beat him.

The 300 Workout

25 pull Ups – 0:26
50 Deadlifts – 0:34
50 Push Ups – 0:40
50 Box Jumps – 0:47
50 (25 touches per side) Floor Wipers – 0:58
25 (per arm) Kettlebell Clean and Press – 1:15
25 Pull Ups – 1:29

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  1. Get yourself the "Perfect Pull up". This is not one of those bars that hang on your door frame.
    The attachment screws into the door jamb. You can do full hang pull ups as well as incline and Aussie pull ups. You can also rig a thick band to reduce your weight for the full hang version. This enables you to build strength without damaging your tendons or rotator cuff. Trust me…………I had to have surgery 10 months ago from damage caused by too many intense pull ups. I now use bands.

  2. Most any workout will work. If you haven't done anything like this before you'll feel it for sure. But it was only meant to be a test, not something they did everyday, or even every week.

  3. 25 Pullups
    50 Deadlifts at 135 pounds
    50 Pushups
    50 Box jumps with a 24-inch box
    50 "Floor wipers" (a core and shoulders exercise at 135 pounds)
    50 "Clean and press" at 36 pounds
    25 Pullups

    = 300

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