Fitness Workout for Women

4 Min Abs Workout for Women

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This training has been based on the idea of the guidelines that have made “Abdominals in 8 minutes” famous, in other words: little breaks between the various exercises, intense rhythm and variation in the exercises in order to avoid being monotonous and, at the same time, to try to stimulate the rectus muscle of the abdomen from all angles.
The training is carried out by our virtual female trainers; this does not mean it is not suitable for both sexes because, as we have often said, there are no substantial differences between the male and female anatomies which would make training NOT SUITABLE for a specific sex.

The workout:

1 – Push Through – Reps. 10
See video and instructions –

2 – 4 Times Abs – Reps. 8
See video and instructions –

3 – Recovery Time 00 min. 15 sec.

4 – Arm Reaching Crunch – Reps. 16
See video and instructions –

5 – 4 Times Abs – Reps. 12
See video and instructions –

6 – Recovery Time 00 min. 15 sec.

7 – Vertical leg crunches – Reps. 10
See video and instructions –

8 – Alternating Curls – Reps. 14
See video and instructions –

9 – 4 Times Abs – Reps. 16
See video and instructions –



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  1. I think it may help. I also found a table for that you can check that in the channel. For the first week? I was almost down 1 kilo. And its good. Its 4 weeks you have to do it once a day (first 3 weeks Mon, wed, fri) then last wee will be ( Mon and tues, then thur and fri) I believe it may help!

  2. To build six pack abs or flat stomach, it is not only how difficult the workout routines you take, it is also around the what you eat. And science data has prove that you could increase the process to get your six pack abs (or flat abs) 2x – 4x quicker by modify just a bit the foods you consume

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