Fitness Workout for Women

4 Week Challenge Workout – Total Body Workout to get you in Shape and Feeling Great

First total body workout of my 4 week challenge! No equipment workout. Complete workout with options for beginners to advanced.

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  1. #day1 hardly did it for 20 mins hopefully by end of this week I ll be able to do full 40 mins. My target is 6 Weeks. I tried many workouts but this is killing me I loved it! ???? Thanks Amy

  2. I'm going to use these 4 week challenges when I can't go outside to do my walk/jog/run regiment! I've did boxing, trainer's, been to school, still in, for proper exercise, ect., but I have started, and stopped so many times, but this time I've taken everything I've learned and formed a exercise regiment that fits my lifestyle. No stopping, no excuses this time, I know what to do, on my own, and I will! I'm so ready for those days the weather is to bad to do these workouts!

  3. Where have you been all my life. Started this challenge and absolutely love it. I look forward to completing the whole series. As a mother of two, I find it so hard to get back in shape, this is a big help. Thank you so much for doing these workouts

  4. found your channel yesterday, & this was my first workout w/ you. at first i thought it might be boring to do the same circuit 3x, but i like all the options to up the intensity & changes/pulses with every round. look forward to more workouts w/ you!

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