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4 Weeks To Change Your Body – "Get Fit At Home" Workout Plan

If you want to transform your body and get in shape, lose fat and tone your muscles, build an attractive physique with good-looking abs, legs, arms, shoulders and chest – then here’s the ultimate 4 week workout plan for you!

Today’s 22-minute workout program is designed to work all your muscle groups, so that your muscles have better definition while burning more and more fat from your body.

This process, if repeated over the course of 28 days (4 weeks) will give you a body that’s lean, slim, strong, attractive – like you see on the cover of beauty magazines!

So if you’re ready to really change your body and get fit then let’s start the workout challenge!

Good luck and be sure to subscribe to Roberta’s Gym channel and receive new home video workouts everyday Monday to Friday!

Leave me a comment below the video and tell me about your progress and on what day you currently are!

Let’s begin!!!💪❤️

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  1. Hi…i really love ur videos…i am 23 yrs old and my weight is 53kg…i want to keep my body fit and slim..which exercise should i follow…please guide me…. thank you❤❤❤

  2. Hi I really like ur videos they’re absolutely awesome👌
    I’m heena I’ve been doing ur exercises few weeks ago.I’m 20 yrs old and my weight is 60.8kg but I want to lose 5to 10kg in 1month which exercises should I follow plz guide advance thanks🥀🙂

  3. Hi roberta how are you thanks for your workout I lose a lot of weight but the things I have some loose skin around my belly area I really need to tighten my skin from every where if you have any workout or anything else plz let me know . thanks and I really appreciate if you reply me back and best of luck for more good workout.and thanx again for helping me.💚

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