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5 Day Butt Workout Plan: Day 1

This is day 1 or the 1 week Butt Workout Plan. You’ll get sexy athletic legs and a nice round booty. Follow along with Bikini Model Vicky Justiz as she shows you a great lower body workout. There will be a different workout for each day so make sure you do them.
Exercises: Bouncing Deep Squats, Side Step under Squats, stepping back lunges, in out hopping squats, side to side hops, Bouncing Deep Squats, Curtsy Lunges.

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  1. So do I need to do one of each of the 5 day workout plans once a week do for example: Monday: day 1 workout Tuesday: day 2 workoutWednesday: day 3 workoutThursday: day 4…Friday: day 5 And then repeat that the next week? And how long will it take to see results? Sorry if these are dumb questions ????????

  2. if anyone is wondering if this works IT DOES. I am a super skinny girl who is 5'11 and I'm flat as a wall but when I did these workouts my butt did get bigger. everyone make sure that you keep doing it though bc I got lazy and stopped for months and my butt got tiny again so I'm getting myself back into shape

  3. I'm so out of breath. . This is a great work out with being so simple like and not obnoxious. The curtesy lunges I couldn't do. I just held in place, also didn't have perfect or deep form. Once I am able to complete this I will try for day two. I'm going to have a booty. Just wait and see???????? love this channel! It's my favorite! When I was in better shape about year ago this channel helped me get there. I could tell a difference while eating healthy that I lost inches, had a less flat bum, smaller thighs, and less cellulite in about 4 months of following your channel as well as another. This was my booty and leg workout channel for sure tho. I know I will see a difference again. Thank you for having awesome and effective videos.

  4. If you guys were wondering this does work!!! I have been doing it for 3+ months & i see a huge difference in my butt! Its round and perky & my thighs got a lot of muscle I'm was really happy with the results. But you need to keep going you can't workout & get the butt you want then stop, cause that's what i did & my butt is going away as well as my muscle. So don't stop working it out. I'm starting to start again bc i missed doing them lol & bc my butt is going flat. :(

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