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5 Day Workout Split – How To Build And Gain Muscle Mass Fast (Big Brandon Carter)

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Typical 5 Day Split:

Looking for a work out plan to build muscle mass? If you haven’t made much muscle or strength gains in the last little while, take a step back and evaluate your workout plan objectively. Sometimes, the most basic and simple workout plans work the best to build muscle strength, and can help you get back on track to further gains and break plateaus. There are just a few very simple principles to follow:

*One muscle group per day
*Minimum one week rest in between workouts
*Your muscle building workout should be planned around heavy, compound exercises
*Lift heavy, or don’t even bother
*Building muscle isn’t complicated
*Build Muscle Workouts – 5 Day Split

I always workout just one muscle group each workout session, and setup my workout week into a 5 day split – 5 days one, and 2 days off. It looks something like this:

Mon – Chest
Tue – Back
Wed – Legs
Thu – Shoulders
Fri – Arms

5 Day Workout Split – How To Build And Gain Muscle Mass Fast (Big Brandon Carter)

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  1. is working out one muscle only once a week enough though.. i did chest only on Mondays last month and my strength in bench press decreased each week. PLEASE ANSWERRRRR

  2. Hey Brandon, how is a 5 day split better than. 4 day split? I want to get where you are in this video..nice and lean. currently I'm on a 4 day split (chest n biceps; legs n abs; shoulders n triceps; back n traps)looking to give my body something different.

  3. Hey Bradon, May I ask what's the benefit of the 5 day split vs a for day split. My goal is to build a great classic physique like you have in this video and burn a great amount of body fat.

    please answer. Thanks

  4. Do u gain some water wight after cheat day a big boii cheat day lol and how much!!! Do u recommend cheat days for people trying to put on muscle but bein skinny fat

  5. Monday chest 1hr + abs 30 mins
    Tuesday back 1hr + abs 30 mins
    Wednesday arms + abs 30 mins
    Thursday shoulders 1hr + abs 30 mins
    Friday legs 1hr + abs 30 mins
    Saturday arms again (1 hr light-work) + cardio 20 mins
    Sunday REST DAY

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