Fitness Workout for Men

5 Minute Home Abs Workout – NO Equipment Needed

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Home Ab Workout – NO Equipment Needed – Male & Female: (Click Show More)

Hey Guys And Girls!

You can do this workout as many times as you want in a day. It’s an ab workout you can do anytime, with just a towel.

Wouldn’t recommend more than twice in one day.

And NEVER do it everyday!

This ab workout is hard so you need to give your abs time to develop and working them out everyday will not allow that.

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David Veras, Certified Fitness Trainer


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  1. I'm a 21 year old who's went from 220lbs (15 years old) to 150 lbs (19 years old) and back to 205lbs (21 years old) and I can tell you this is worth it.

    Not I'm not an adbot. Go fuck yourself if you think so 🙂

    Norealy though, as PE was the only class I bothered showing up for in my 4 years of high school, this WILL help, and once I start, I'll link to this page for subs to both me and the contributor.

  2. Dear please tell me , is that the body build of your is the result of present techniques of the video or the help of equipments of gym.??
    Need your answer for my very importance.

  3. This guy has terrible form. Don't take advice from him. Go check out "Instense ab workouts for mean" And either click on "Brendan Meyer" Or that other ripped asain guy. Those mean know how to workout the abs. And hard.

  4. can somebody tell me exactly how much times im suppose to do this a week. and since its bad everyday than does that mean I cant do other things after it like running, junping on trampoline, etc

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