Fitness Workout for Women

5-Minute Home Workout For Men & Women (Follow Along)

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  1. I"m almost 64 and I can vouch for their beginner program for sure. When I started last January I could only do one pull up. Now I'm up to seven (7)! With their program you can configure your training to your level of fitness. But with any exercise program you still must be honest with yourself and challenge yourself to progress in strength. Their program helps with that also. No need for dumbbells until you can master your own body-weight. I like these guys.

  2. Thank you for your informative videos. They are great. I started a calisthenics program just 2 months ago using a lot of the exercises and principles you guys are teaching. I do have one question. How many sets are – on average – ideal per exercise? I currently do 5 sets per exercise, keeping the reps between 3 and 12 depending on my level in a given exercise. Once I'm able to do more than 12 reps in each of the 5 sets, I move on to the harder progression. Is that a good strategy or would fewer sets with more different exercises be better?

  3. I was an active user of a prominent Bodyweight app and I continued its routine for 3 days per week for about 2 months consecutively. One day I had to do 10 reps of high jumps, but I guess my technique was not that perfect and few days later I started to feel a lower back pain. For 2 months now I’m having this and I couldn’t continue to do any exercise and if I do then suddenly the pain resumes on the spot. As a remedy I sleep on the floor and I can spend the day without any pain.
    What shall I do? Is there a cure for this as per your experience? Is above set of exercises suitable for someone like me? Please advice.

  4. I notice the female always demonstrates the beginner level and the male always demonstrates the advanced. Keep in mind that women are capable of equalling men on all levels and in all capacities, but i think women already know this. It would be nice to see them take turns in demonstrating beginner level and advanced.

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