Quick Fitness Workout

5 Quick Workouts For Your Everyday Routine! ; #fitnessfriday

sorry fitness friday has been MIA!
But here are 5 simple moves you can do during random parts of your everyday routine that won’t even feel like working out!
They are simple and easy and if done properly, and consistantly, affective!
Don’t get me wrong tho, these do not substitute for a proper daily dose of physical exercise! They are just simple ways to help you boost your journey!

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  1. i laughed when you said to do squats for the entirety of your favorite song because my dad's favorite song is 20 minutes long (it's from a tchaikovsky concerto) and if he were to do it he would have hulk quads :')

  2. It's better to just dance your heart out when you listen to your favorite song actually just dancing or having fun or maybe having a game of soccer or something you also need to be healthy and you also need to treat yourself ????

  3. These are awesome. I'm the kind of girl where I NEED to get outside and do something to keep me from going insane. But I still like these to keep me moving and active throughout the day. Thanks!

  4. Become less efficient; for example, instead of bringing all of your things from upstairs to downstairs at once, take one thing at a time, go back up, and take another thing down. :)

  5. This is so great! Thanks for the awesome tips! I'll give it a go for a couple weeks and let you know how it goes! Being in grad school I often find it hard to squeeze time in at the rec center or a proper home workout, but these are great little tricks! :)

  6. I used to be underweight so when my dad sees me working out he becomes worried that I'm going to go back to being underweight when really I'm just keeping healthy. Does anyone have any tips to help convince him I'm not going back? And I have tried having a talk with him but it didn't seem to work.

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