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6 Week Deadlift Workout Routine Week 5 | 5×2 Deadlifts 95% 1RM | Deadlift With Belt?

Welcome to another entry into my getting lean series! You want to get a stronger deadlift? You want to learn how to deadlift properly? You need some deadlift motivation? You need to learn how to get stronger at deadlift? Look no further! At the end of the video I discuss if you need to deadlift with belt or not. I personally think you do not need a belt for deadlift unless maybe the weight is super heavy. More on deadlift with belt in the video at the end.

Today’s workout is a raw deadlift workout with me talking in between sets that will definitely give you the deadlift motivation you may need as you watch me grind it out. I am doing 5×2 deadlifts with 95% of my 1RM. This 5×2 deadlift workout was tough! If you have never 5×2 deadlift 95% 1RM be ready for some pain! Ever wonder how to get my deadlift stronger? Well, this program may be the answer to get a stronger deadlift. It is a 6 week deadlift workout routine. To summarize this 6 week deadlift workout routine, I am doing 5×8 deadlifts with 80% of my 1RM for two weeks, 5×5 deadlifts with 85% of my 1RM for two weeks, and 5×2 deadlifts with 95% of my 1RM for two weeks to build a strong deadlift. This is a great deadlift workout program to build strength and muscle! I was wondering how to get my deadlift stronger and decided to try this out. Follow along and watch me get stronger by the week! I also go over how to deadlift properly. I give some key tips to make sure that you know how to deadlift properly so you can minimize risk for injury in this video and my last one. If you want know how to get stronger at deadlifts then look no further!

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