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7 Best TRICEPS Exercises for SEXY ARMS | Autumn Fitness

Tank top season is here—so today we are working our triceps! I’ve got seven upper body moves that will stoke your calorie burn and get you ready for the beach!
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Today’s Tricep Workout:
1:05 Tricep Dip
1:51 Skull Crusher
3:02 Tricep Extension
5:41 Tricep Kickback
4:48 Resistance Pull
6:45 Narrow Grip Chest Press
7:43 Tricep Pushup

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*Thanks for tuning in! Don’t forget that the key to preventing injuries is to be smart, listen to your body, stop if you feel discomfort and talk to your doctor if you have any unique medical conditions.

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  1. This routine is amazing. Thank you for posting it. I tried to complete a second rep and my triceps were already burnt out. I made it mostly through but couldn't do a third. Will try again in a few days!

  2. hey! i anm not at all a strong shoulders person! been told i wont be able to keep my shoulders in place soon.some rotator cuff exersices please!

  3. the first time i did i could only do it once, the second time twice, hopefully next time i can do all 3 sets..means i am getting stronger hehe

  4. Those are probably the most inorrectly done tricep kickbacks I've ever seen. You're so upright that you've essentially turned it into a bicep curl where you're just curling the weight at the top and then aggressively pushing the weight down to make it seem like you're doing a triceps exercise.That's the whole reason why people will be able to stay with the same weight because you're essentially resting the triceps with the way you're doing the exercise.

  5. Forget belly fat, my arms are the biggest bitch!  I do weights every other day, and I did three sets of this video, yet I still have bat wings!  Incredibly frustrating!

  6. Hi pls share your daily diet.. No matter how much I exercise ( I exercise 4 times a week) one glass of milk or 2 pieces of toast ruin everything. I get bloated and my abs and cuts do not show much. Pls help. Is it healthy to avoid eggs, bread and all these things which are supposed to be nutritious for you. I want to have abs like yours so pls share your diet.

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