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7 Minute Bigger Booty Workout | Autumn Fitness

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Today’s Booty Workout:
0:52 One Legged Plié Slide
1:35 Back Slide Lunge with Kettlebell
2:56 Heel Drop Adductor Lift
4:13 Kettlebell Squat
4:57 Shoot the Duck
6:16 Side Lunge Squat
7:35 Glute Bridge

Equipment used:
Plyo Box
TRX Suspension System

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*Thanks for tuning in! Don’t forget that the key to preventing injuries is to be smart, listen to your body, stop if you feel discomfort and talk to your doctor if you have any unique medical conditions.

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  2. how the hell are we supposed to improvise if we dont have this equipment?
    I guess i'll use my furniture.

    the most i have is weights. And only 1 out of all 100 of these Exercise YouTube videos have required any equipment.

  3. I love that you actually do all of the reps for each move on your videos.  It makes them much easier follow and motivating for me personally.  I just rewind and do it two more times.  A lot of videos from others simply show the move once or twice and tell you to do it 10 times etc.  Thank you for taking the time to do this.

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