Quick Fitness Workout

8 Minute Abs Workout – Quick Abs and Obliques Workout

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  1. It so hard to follow you doing the excercises, I mean I have to take rest no matter what, do you think that maybe doing this kind of excercise for 3 weeks I'd be allowed to not resting like you do? 

  2. Really good little routine this. Just tried it myself and I definitely feel like I've had to work! Will be adding this to the end of my workouts I think :)

  3. oh that's ur voice…. you have very strong voice. I was wondering who is narrating the video. :O

    anyway…  i enjoy watching Fintnessblender videos and they are superb… once can easily do those steps at home. so no excuse for not having time for gym or not having enough space in your bedroom …:)


  4. I know that you receive a stack of thankyou's but I don't care! I just wanted to say thankyou FitnessBlender! Exercise is a part of my life, it makes me feel ready to go to work and put in my all.  I feel stronger and proud of myself for just giving it a go every day.  I love pilates, and your workouts are terrific. There isn't enough yoga out there, that could be a popular workout. What would be the FitnessBlender twist on Yoga?  

    I am enjoying the variety in your workouts, as anybody who exercises regularly

     knows, your body gets used to commonly done workouts.  Variety really is the key.  I would recomnmend your channel to anyone who is interested in having fun, there really is something here for everyone.  Thank you very much and I hope you all have a lovely Chrismas! 

  5. Love this one! Thanks! 🙂 ..also, I made fitness blender's "Mexican lasagna" tonight for dinner, and it was seriously sooo yummy!! 🙂 Thanks Daniel and Kelli for all your hard work and help! 🙂 Love you guys!

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