Quick Fitness Workout

8 Minute BELLY BUSTER | Quick + Tough ABS HIIT Workout with No Equipment Needed

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Slim and tone your ABS and OBLIQUES with this challenging belly buster HIIT workout. We’re burning out the muscles of your midsection from all angles with long intervals of high volume exercise and isometric holds.

Level FOUR


Warm Up and Cool Down:

Exercise Time:
8 minutes

MAIN WORKOUT (timer is set for 55 seconds of work and just 5 seconds to rest and change positions):
Plank Hold
Side Scoops (left side)
Side Leg Raises (left side)
Hip Droppers
Side Leg Raises (right side)
Side Scoops (right side)

Plank Hold Heel Tappers

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  1. Well, Oma waited for Opa to get home from work and said, "All I need is 8 minutes…" Then heard, "Oma…Oma.," then Opa saying, "Leave Oma alone for a few mintues" LOL. Day 6 of week 9/14, and another completed week! Next week on to week TEN! The challenges will be next week when "they" are still here and Oma goes back to work. 😉 As always, GRATEFUL!

  2. Who knew 55 seconds could feel so long! Intense, sweaty, short workout and it was perfect. I have a feeling tomorrow I'll cry if someone makes me laugh…belly buster! Week #1 of 14 DONE. Tomorrow is a rest day. Be back Saturday!

  3. There’s no equipment needed for this quick and challenging abdominal workout that you can do at home. We are firing up the abs and obliques from all angles, performing crunch-types exercises as well as working on core stability. There is quite a bit of work in a plank position, which can be tough on your wrists and shoulders if you have limitations in those areas.

    Visit the Pahla B Fitness website for the take-it-with-you breakdown: http://goo.gl/LHEtV2

    Tell me what you think about the workout, I love to hear from you! Use hashtags #killerb or #pahlab to join the conversation!

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