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  1. Yo broskiii if you dont plan on mentioning it in a video, can i ask what your current measurements are ? Calves, arms, etc? Thanks! Tryna progress same time as you, lil motivation🤙🏽

  2. Hey man you make great detailed videos, for this one and for future videos give me information on how many reps and sets your doing for each workout. Also tell us what your aiming for right now. Are you aiming to stay cut, bulk, or just stay in fit that way we know what to follow. Other than that your videos are always on point keep up the work. Don’t think of this as hating, just tryna see you go to the top with the work you put in

  3. You are quite literally one of the key factors that’s keeps me motivated, love seeing your workouts and different variants I can incorporate into my workouts. Keep it up man, no reason you shouldn’t have a million subs by next year

  4. what exact workout split are you on right now bro? and how are the results? since you’re full natty and you’ve had a massive transformation with your body from the beginning.. what split would you recommend for a beginner-intermediate? I am 8.5 months into serious working out.

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