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Abs After 40 Advanced Is Here! New Workout Program For Dedicated Men 40+

Lose Your Stomach Fat For Good:

Hey guys,

It’s Mark, and I’m really excited to give you some big news…..

Now you may know that there are thousands of guys all over the world that have completed my original Abs After 40 program… And they’re all wondering what’s next, or how to amp up the intensity.

Well, the wait is over! Today I’m releasing Abs After 40 Advanced! That’s right, I said “Advanced!”

You can get it by going here:

What do I mean by Advanced?

Well, it’s a natural evolution from the original program. We take you from performing mostly basic, bodyweight exercises done at home, to serious weight training at the gym.

We incorporate a technique called “Metabolic Conditioning” and it serves to build muscle, increase Testosterone levels, and boost your metabolism.

We also added a second trainer, named Clark Bartram – who has served over 30 years in the fitness industry and his expertise is unrivaled.

So give it a try today and see how you can improve even further….

With the all new, Abs After 40 Advanced.

See you there,


How Mark and Clark stay ripped in their 50’s:

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  1. awesome!!!!! I wish there was a demo of this so we could try it out!!!!!! I'm so excitedddd more more content you guys have!!!!!! aweaomeeeeereeeeee!!!!!!!!!

  2. Gday
    I am not a weight loss expert but Ive been trying and researching it a lot

    * Myself Ive found what helps –
    – Walk 4-8km per day.
    – Ride push bike 4-8km the next day.
    – Drink loads of clean filtered water
    (even if you just boil it the night before from the tap) .
    – Avoid ALL TAKE AWAY .
    – Avoid all package + processed foods .
    – Replace white potato with sweat potatoes ,
    – replace white rice with no rice or brown rice or cabbage.
    – Avoid cakes/biscuits/baked goods/chocolate/snacks
    – drink some water, nuts of fruit instead of unhealthy snacks..
    – Stop smoking and drink beer/wine less per day …
    – Avoid energy drinks and softdrink
    – Grow some vegies
    – Some people seem to count calories
    – Weigh yourself daily and keep a chart
    – eat more lean meat , avoid stuff like ham/sausages/hotdogs/caned meat
    – eat more fish/tuna/etc

    Not everyone can afford going to the gym or buying gym gear
    Taking up a non contact sport , or hiking can be a good idea too

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