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Abs, Chest and Shoulders Workout | Meal Examples | VLOG | Summer Shredding Episode 12

Abs, Chest and shoulders workout. Meal Examples for shredding. Day in the life vlog.

My name is Daniel Spencer, I’m 22 years old! I have been bodybuilding naturally for 5 years now. Welcome to my channel 🙂 Here I upload all things fitness and general lifestyle Vlogs.

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I GOT LOCKED OUT | Enzo’s Beach Experience | VLOG | Summer Shredding Comp Episode 11

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  1. Hey , keep it up! just came across your channel, I have subbed and it would be great if any of you guys could come check out my fitness channel I just started to vlog😊💕

  2. Looking shredded man!I see you have snowboard and golf clubs☺ !I like snowboarding as well 😎👍 And thinking abot trying golf,just to relax you know!

  3. Great workout man! Also what a great tip to tire out your shoulders so you don't have to load up on the chest press. I have a very limited weight set in my gym, so I'll definitely use this tip. Keep up the great content!

  4. I don't like bananas (makes me queezy, same thing with avocados) but i loove banana flavored things. lol. Oh man Nesquick use to have banana flavored milk. I haven't been able to find it. When you said the store I thought you meant Khol's not Coles. I started laughing when you said you were going for hair product. It's nice to know you are keeping up with your windswept look. Looking leaner by the day. Great job and nice workout Daniel. 🙂

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