Fitness Workout for Women

Active Rest Day STRETCHING Routine for Women Over 50

Level ONE | NO floor work | SEATED + STANDING

This glorious STRETCHING ROUTINE is absolutely perfect for an active rest day, because it’s both invigorating and relaxing! We’re improving our flexibility and functional fitness with a few simple, easy-to-follow, dynamic stretches that are geared toward women over 50.

Why is stretching so important for our health as we age?

Muscles can stiffen and begin to atrophy if not used and stretched regularly
Tight, inflexible muscles can pull on joints, causing pain
Maintaining (or gaining!) range of motion and flexibility can prevent falls

Adding a gentle workout like this one to your weekly exercise routine can help you stay fit and active throughout your long, healthy life!

Exercises are both SEATED and STANDING, with no floor work or transitions to the ground.

Move gently through each exercise several times, holding the stretched position for slightly longer if desired

Arm Circles with sit and stand
Overhead Rainbow Reach
Reverse Hold Torso Twist

Toe Touch into Foot Plant and Reach
Plank to Pike
Calf Stretch into Hip Flexor Stretch
Cat and Cow
Deep Dangle

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❤ Pahla B – your BEST fitness friend! ❤

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  1. I just found your channel. I am a 59 year old female who has always been active but have recently taken up running. I was doing Tabata, HIIT, and swimming. Thanks so much. I just finished and old video from 2017 that was 40 minutes long with 10 minute running and one minute intervals and 30 second recovery. Finished it but I needed the stretch. I am so happy I found you!

  2. I love your videos so much. only with you i began to move. You give me so much joy and energy. Don't you have a video for people with hypermobility? By hypermobility, I mean an increased level of flexibility in all joints. just want to strengthen the muscles so that the joints feel better. Did you have isometric exercises? or I just did not find. sorry for my bad english or if something is wrong

  3. So happy I found your videos!! Just did this stretching routine, thanks so much! Can you recommend video routines specifically for women over 50 that I can do regularly? I'm 52 and have lost balance, strength, muscle…basically feel like I'm falling apart within the last two years.

  4. Pahla!! I feel amazing thank you thank you!! 💕 I need this so much after my 4th of July. It was about all my body could handle today but it was perfect👌🏼 Good thing we were standing bc if we were on the floor your soothing voice would’ve had me sleeping 😴lol thanks Pahla! 😌

  5. Love It! The title was a fooler. This was both challenging and relaxing, and I think would be enjoyed by all. As I have gotten older, I have come to recognize the importance of stretching in a healthy life. You are right. You just have to be patient and value the time spent. I really like the dynamic stretching. Thank you.

  6. Oh dear sweet Pahla…… how I thank you for this💖
    Loved the flowing aspect💗 Your pauga voice always has me so calm after a session✨ Well, until I hop up and go about my day😂
    Thank you for this feeling 💖
    Happy July my friend☀️

  7. This is wonderful, Pahla!  I loved that you used a chair as a training tool.  I did this video after a mall walk with a friend.  This one is going on my rotation.

  8. Pahla, just the exact video i was looking for!!! I am actually a 39yo male who used to be a fitness freak but in the past 4 years i really let myself go. So i have been struggling with finding a stretch routine that is complete but also easy on my knees and back while i am shedding the pounds. I feel like this can benefit anyone of any age and after doing this just now the muscle aches feel less intense and i feel invigorated. Amazing work!

  9. Pahla – terrific video. I used it after I did a 2 mile walk video. I really loved that one where you stretched the neck – that's a trouble area for me and this is a good way to stretch it out safely by using the chair. Thanks!

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