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Adios Love Handles Bye Bye Muffin Top – Quick Cardio, Abs and Obliques Workout

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  1. Wow, I just finished and it has definitely raised my heart rate! XD Thank you so much for this. I'm going to do this at least twice a week to stay in shape!

  2. I am 5'5 and I weigh 136 pounds! This is my Heaviest I've ever been and j need to change that nowwww! I am a vegan also so I eat a EXTREMLY healthy diet but latley I was thrown off a bit and it makes me so mad at my self!! I have wide hips so they stick out a lot, and even more now that I put on some pounds and now fat is over my already wide hips. So my love handles are kinda bad. My goal weight it to get back to 120 pounds!!! I am going to do this once every day for two weeks as well as clean back up my diet! I'll be doing this and a few other videos maybe, but I'll update you on how it's going after the first week , and again on the second week! If any one has any questions feel free to ask and I'll be more than happy to answer! 🙂 thank you

  3. I'm 13 and I'm 5'10" and 180 pounds and my goal is 160 lbs. I'm going to try to do this workout and see what I get for results, wish me luck!

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