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After Workout Meal | Full Day of Eating for Muscle Building – Meal 04 | Indian Bodybuilding

Post – Workout Meal | Full Day of Eating | Meal 04 | Indian

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  1. You said that we should eat slow digesting carbs after the workout and you also said that our glucose stores get empty after doing workout. So is there any meaning of eating slow digesting carbs than fast digsting carbs?

  2. Bhai post-workout me simply carbs lete hain taki quickly muscle glycogen fill ho sake.. oats to complex carb hain use exercise ke 1hr bad Lena theek hota hai.. simple carb sources- best is white bread, banana, white rice

  3. vese bhai shyd workout ke badd slow nhi fast digestive carbs khane chaiye kyuki hamri body ko chaiye hota he carbs us time turant… naki dhere dhere … isliye white bread ya white rice kha sakte he kis kis ko lgta he esa

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