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Alex’s Meal Prep – Leg Workout – There Is A Lot Going On

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10 Meals
– 7 Oz. Chicken
– 150 – 160g Basmati Rice
– 1 – 1 1/2 Cups Broccoli
– 2 Tsp. Exta Virgin Olive Oil
Protein (g): 54
Carbs (g): 47
Fat (g): 5
Total Calories: 449

Her Grocery Haul And Meal Prep – New Recipes (Video)

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  1. I've seen lots of your meal prep videos and they are awesome! I don't think I've seen you use something like fresh garlic, onion, scallion, or cumin, or lots of these healthy tasteful stuff. You don't like the taste or you just don't use them for other reasons? Thanks man :3 keep up the good work

  2. What up Jeff. Just wanted to say thanks. You are a huge inspiration. Been following you for long time now. Before I came across your channel I had never even considered meal prep before. I seriously cooked every meal fresh every day. We all know thats unsustainable. With your help I have been improving my preps as time goes along. Today I completed my first 6 day prep. I feel super accomplished and excited that I wont be cooking nothing for like a week. Thanks again for the content.

  3. Ha, nah your beloved fans don't want to be "spared" the actual meal prep, LOL. I suppose you do get whiners/haters(?) (or maybe Jeff's little self critical voice-lol) who say 'we've seen this a "million" times…"! I was expecting you'd show the actual cooking; even if in an abbreviated way. But it's all good. You are the master of your videos and can do what you want of course. :-)That chicken had a lot of nice color on it. So cute when you talk about doing Alex's meal prep for HIM…Legs are looking great my friend.

  4. Your meal preps and gym/workout videos keep me coming back. Great personality! Keep it up and I'll keep watching from The Bahamas 🙂 P.S. I just copied you, at the market tonight I put my chicken in the produce bags and told my sister I got it from watching your videos. Thanks!

  5. Love it! Keep up the great work. Always looking forward to seeing your videos. Maybe this is a redundant question, but where do you get your meal prep containers?

  6. Love how most of your videos still have that raw feel to them. Too much over editing and theatrics out there as is! How long do you let your food chill or sit before putting in the fridge? I usually get condensation or sweat in the plastic containers I use.

  7. Can't wait to see your cooking videos…… Love the variations, as a newbie I'm learning sooo much. Keep it up, thanks for girls playlist. No Kroger here in Florida I would love the seasoned salmon already packaged.

  8. lol nice legs hey did anyone ever tell u that u kinda look like Sylvester Stallone 😉 loving your bracelets my favorite colour is blue . When's your birthday ?? Thanks love from Canada xo ❤

  9. Hey jeff, you've probably answered this a thousand times but would you say the knee sleeves make a difference when you're squatting? And if so, where did you get yours? I have a lot of cracking and popping and stuff going on when I squat so I'm curious.

  10. Love and appreciate the video as always….superb workout 👊🖒you nailed it 😊. Delicious meals as well make my mouth watered with all the goodness…..keep up the good work appreciate you man!

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