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Her typical day looks something like this:

For Breakfast she takes a bowl of Cereal or a cup of Soy Milk.Mer midday Snack would be nuts or fruits.For lunch she eats Green Veggies and Salads.To satisfy that sweet tooth, she eats gummi bears abd calls it her snack. Also she requires to have 2 glasses of protein shake in a day, as her diet is low in protein rich food.Dinner usually contains a lean steak.

Jolie has reportedly been seen snacking on a diet of ‘ancient grains’ and seeds to keep her slender body in shape.The Tourist star claims a mixture of quinoa, millet, chia seeds, spelt and buckwheat have huge health benefits and help her maintain her figure. So concluding her diet, she follows a diet with low carbs, more green veggies, fruits and grains. She has smaller meals at short intervals. She keeps herself hydrated. And age does ample physical exercises, yoga being her favorite.It is because of her lean and svelte body shape that she has been offered action movies like the Tomb Raider. She is 5’8” in height and has a weight of around 59 kg.

She used to have a high protein diet, low carbohydrate meal to help her in building muscle. The film required her to be an athletic woman. Like all the Hollywood celebrities she consumes lots of protein, takes steamed vegetables, fruits and lots of water in her diet. They take a little amount of complex carbohydrate, enough to replenish the body with the required energy. These days celebrity trainers are forcing their celebrities to perform intense aerobic and anaerobic exercises that help in burning the fat quickly. She opts for a diet plan that includes fresh fruits. She avoids the use of red meat and wheat based food items. She also likes having raw salads in her meal.

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