Fitness Workout for Men

Awesome 4 Minute Abs Workout For men and women

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  1. The guy's physique was impressive, but he had no strenght or stamina to back it up. The woman's routine made far more sense than what appeared to be a feble attempt on his part to impress her.

  2. Hey everyone! First off, Brandon Carter IS the MAN to listen to. He has completely changed my life. Truly. The moment he mentioned How to Win Friends and Influence People, I ran out and bought it, and began a journey to change not just my body, but also my mind.
    Snapchat me! "MarshallD1964" – I want to invite you all to watch my physical AND mental transformation, day to day on Snapchat!
    From years of sleeping until 1pm, playing video games, leeching off my parents, and skipping classes, to now, waking up between 4 and 6am, and taking on everything in this world that I can! It has just begun and I am in the early stages, but I am changing my life with the free help of people like BBC.
    Watch me climb and aspire to reach the top, and hopefully, I can inspire and help you do the same!!

  3. Any guesses why this Ab workout video gets 2.3 Mil for views as opposed to the others on this channel. LOL ; )
    As always very inspirational, Cheers.

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