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BACK N’ BUSINESS | Full Workout + My New Business Plan


I’m super excited about my next adventures, you guys!! Can’t wait to share them all with you (:

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  1. I absolutely adore you Marie! I'm also a marketing major so I love hearing about your new job and finishing up school and stuff. So excited for you! and congrats on top 5!!!!!

  2. MARIEEE this is why i love you ! I myself am a business major and love fitness as well and you really inspire me to keep going with my love for business and still keep pursuing my fitness goals ! I always contemplated picking one or the other bc i always felt like they will never be used together. but you give me hope !! lol

  3. My favorite part was obviously the workout but also the behind the scenes of your job was supper cool! I'm a huge foodie myself so i find that supper interesting!! You seem to be doing great with holding everything in your life together witch is very inspiring to me! So keep up the good work :* impatiently waiting for that giveaway :3

  4. Yes finals week is around the corner and I'm not ready for it ugh I hate huge tests. I'm not good at taking them but I am getting better though. Good luck and congratulations on the new job. I did partake in pescience sale and can't wait for it all to get here I'm stoked!

  5. Awesome video Marie! I love the cues included with each exercise, super helpful even with exercises I already have main cues for, it helps to switch it up and have differnet focus points. Congrats on the marketing client (donuts yuuum, lol beware of the glazed fingertips I lol'd when you said that on snap or somewhere else) and TOP 5!!! Idk how I missed that on insta I just saw the post! AND I'm more tempted than ever to try bite meals after your #pancakebitebowl ! Idk what my favorite working back exercise is but my favorite warmup exercise may very possibly be single seated cable rows starting with overhand grip and rotating to hammer grip, love the squeeze. Have an awesome weekend!! <3

  6. Question! I ordered the blue frost ergonine and it was super not tasty. Have you tried it before? Was my batch bad one (tasted like spoiled milk smells) lol AND I MEAN I LOVE the flavors of all PEScience.

  7. All of it is my favorite, obviously ha. But my MOST favorite part was your excitement for making the FINALS! Congratulations, Marie! You're so deserving of such a cool opportunity! You're gunna rock it in January.

  8. My favourite part was the doughnuts and the bite pancake bowl…serious af. But for real, I love you Marie so happy your in the final you really deserve it! xxxx

  9. What's your favorite back exercise or superset?? I'm always looking for new ideas!
    PS– giveaway winners will be announced SOON, promise! I just haven't had time to really sit down and go through all entries yet (there were almost 1000!). Thanks for your patience, everyone (:

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