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Back Workout – Pre & Post Workout Meals | 5 LBS in 30 Days | Day 1

5 LBS in 30 Days series is here! Starting the series with a back workout and also showing to you my pre and post workout meal. I am not sure if I am going to upload videos every day, it seems really difficult for me cause I have lots of university projects and lots of other things I do behind the scenes. Our schedule will probably remain the same.

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  1. dude, 9 years of workout and only 70 kg's!.. i know because it's only muscle , but my friend worked out only 1.5 years and he is 77 kilos with 20% bf. it looks like it's impossible to gain muscle weight in only 2 years or something

  2. re file ma ise mono 70kg j 175cm , poso tis %body fat ise , epd jegw ime 69.5kg tr 176cm j enomiza imun 8% body fat j oti alo 2-3 kg ithela na xasww, tr p thoro to video mpori j na prepi na paw 65, an s stilw kanena email foto katalavis na mu pis poso tis % ime?

  3. Hey bro.. Great video again.. Have you ever included any superset or drop set. To your routine to increase the intensity of your workouts and to pump up your muscles even. More??

  4. Wow, exactly 70 kilos! lmao, i have the same weitgh atm, started bulking in November with only 57 kilos, i still kinda have abs and im not fat, so don´t worry xD!

    I wont be cutting since i wanna remain strong but i will be doing lots of cardio xD

    Good luck on the bulk bro!

  5. Xenios your awesome man!!! I really appreciate your videos and i watch them all the time and forget the other videos out there that are just out there just to be out there and it seems that most of those are just about the person and they are so narcissistic. Very good. I watch you on snapchat too. Take care of yourself and dont try to video too much with all the school stuff going on. . ttyl

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