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Beginner Home Calisthenics Full Body Routine

As promised, here is my beginner, personal home body weight workout ( calisthenics ) that I used to get me to where im at. This is a full body beginner calisthenics routine, that can be done at the park or at home. Doing this routine will help you gain beginner strength and size. Watch the whole video for tips and please subscribe for more calisthenics routines.

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  1. So its 3×10 normal push-up, 3×10 diamond push-up and then 3×10 wide push-up, isnt it like too much within one workout, considering that there are other exercises to do? I dont complain, because i can do 20+ push-ups and need to understand it correctly.

  2. @Austin Dunham I think this is too hard for a beginner level. Usually they should consist of really easy movements which allow the joints to get used to it before progressing to the harder more intense movements.

  3. I did this for the first time today! Found it hard but I completed the workout! Funnily enough, I found the jumping lunges the hardest. My body just gave out when I was doing these!

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