Fitness Workout for Women

Beginner women’s fitness program

Personal Training for women

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  1. I learned a few things! I haven't been gripping the lat pulldown bar in the right place and haven't been rotating my arms on the compound row.

  2. It seems teaching a wrong breathing way during lat pulldown. In constrast, you should exhale when you pull down and inhale when your arms go up.

  3. Ok this was a waste. This is not a complete video. I went bac over it and only 2 stretches of 5 are shown. Then a pre workout for cardio day and nothing else. Then Blue day has one exercise . When he is on yellow day he says this is exercise 2 and he didn't show exercise 1. Forget it this is a mess!!! I need a very scripted exercise program for the gym!!!!

  4. I am sick and tired of seeing unattractive women who complain men not interested in them , yet did nothing to transform into being attractive . They are so lazy to start a fitness program , refuse to change their diet , refuse to read motivational books to add value to their lives . They give all kind of excuses why they remain unattractive . They refuse to take charge of their lives and become a more valuable person . I've met some 50 year old married women who remain very attractive , that's because they take charge of their lives . It is no secret that slim women are much more attractive than overweight women .

  5. To prevent injury, you should do a light jog to get your body warmed up. You should NOT stretch with a cold muscle. Doing so, will do your body harm. Ideally, one should stretch AFTER a good workout.

  6. Thanks so much. It was so easy & suitable for my back condition that I really got myself started at gym for two days now. I like to watch this video before going to gym. Your videos motivated me to workout at gym. Thanks

  7. This is ludicrous. Ludicrous I say!
    There is NO difference in "men's" and "women's" resistance training.  It should be the same routine for everyone.  Exercise #2 is plain silly.  Just do a proper row for Pete's sake, with machine or bent-over with barbell.  Exercise #7 is bizarre.  Just use the leg press machine instead of this squat/cha-cha.  Oy vey.

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