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  1. You mentioned diet soda as a way to ween yourself off of soda, bad idea. Diet soda contains Aspartame which is bad for the body. Read the ingredients of a diet soda, one of them is the chemical. Talk to a chemical engineer about Aspartame, he will make you think twice about picking up a diet soda.

    When I got off of soda, I did it cold turkey. I now drink fruit juices which contain the natural sugar from the fruits.

  2. I used to be 90kg at 10% body fat late 2013. Then I injured my knee (ACL) and broke my ribs playing rugby. Fast forwarded to now, I'm 95kg at 20% body fat. I put on all the weight not being able to do anything because of these injuries, although my diet was fairly good. Now that I'm sorta better (my knee keeps on playing up, but that might be the extra weight causing stress) I really cant be bothered going to the gym or to trainings and trying to get back down to size. #injuriesareshithaus

  3. At age 16 I weighed 230. My doctor told my mom that I'll have diabetes & high blood pressure. That alone scared me to death so I did a huge turn around. I used up 1 whole summer to eat right, & exercise. At 17 I weighed 160. Im 21 now & still doing the same thing, my family is very proud of me & thankful that iam healthy 

  4.  PuLs3 getting Swole i know the grind man i lost 90 lbs and you really motivate me and i know what you mean about being weak after weight loss what 12 week plan are you doing kris gethins i know is a good one im currently doing 6 weeks to shred and im getting results 

  5. This will suck, because the one thing I drink besides water is MILK. I can't get enough of milk, so it'll be hard trying to maneuver away from that sweet dairy….

  6. I feel you man. Started the gym in late December. Hit a major depression right after New Years, and was pretty much ready to die after it too, though not because of my weight. I was a little chubby in the belly, but after I started going to gym more regularly I've been much happier and to think I was ready to die just 2 months ago baffles me. Glad to hear you're fighting your mental health problems and winning them too :)

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