Fitness Workout for Women

Beginners Ultimate Weight Loss Workout, 20 Minute HIIT & CrossFit Inspired For Full Body Toning

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Beginners Ultimate Weight Loss Workout, 20 Minute HIIT & CrossFit Inspired For Full Body Toning

This 20 minute workout by Dena Maddie is designed for weight loss. It’s great for beginners, intermediate or advanced people. It is based on fitness exercises used in both crossfit and HIIT.

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  1. When my greatest mate lost 17 lbs before her marriage, I was just spellbound. Then, I came to know about "vivi awesome plan" (Google it). I actually searched it on Google as well as started using it right away.

  2. So I have been in crossfit before, and they highly encourage to not work out the same muscles every day. Instead, work out one day, and rest them the next day. So what would be a good work out to do the day after I do this work out, that doesn't work out these same muscles?

  3. I did it!! I kept most of the exercises at beginner level like the mountain climbers but I did it! I'm sweating. Thanks soooo much for this video, I'm excited to work up to the advanced modifications!

  4. socks make your legs shorter… so…. no socks. but it doesn.t matter anyway, if it works for you. and you have the body to put on anything… thanx for the video.

  5. I have always had problems losing weight. They refer to me as an obese man. I don't want to obese anymore, I want to become healthy. This Weight loss green store tea are making that dream come true. Soon I will be able to play basketball like the greats.

  6. I like the socks. Do you have any recommendations for workouts that will help my upper back? between my shoulders my spine consistently pops out of place. it hurts. locks up my neck …. sort of over it

  7. i LOVE that you call them your "happy socks" they look like MY happy socks!!!!! good job! thank you for easing me back in i used to be very athletic and well i'm not just now been sick recovering slowly i'm just slightly "chronologically impaired" hehe and this was really good ( i'm embarrassed to say i even had to pace myself in the beginner mode ) BUT its a start back in the right direction!!
    I wore agile socks with my 6" heals under my gold lemma!!! just to make people mad and or laugh!! seriousness is overrated!!! you Go!!! thank you!! God Bless

  8. These videos need two versions, one that explains everything and then another with the workout less talking. Once you have this down you just want to go along with the video,
    not a long drawn out explanation every time …

  9. ok, i just did this and it's just the right amount of beginner for me – sometimes videos say they're for beginners but then i can't finish. I was able to finish this all at beginner level (left me panting and sweating mind you). I've been working out most of my life but the last 5 years I've not been as active due to many losses and depression as a result. I'm also 55 and I don't have the energy I used to. This feels like a good way to ease back in to a more active lifestyle; so it works for me. I also like the instructor; she's down to earth and I can relate to her sock dilemma :)

  10. I'm 245 ib what workout video of yours do you recommend ? I'm trying to lose weight, but I've been doing this for the past week and I'm just getting tired of doing the same thing and thats what usually makes me stop and I'm really am trying to keep this up.

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