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Beginner’s Workout Routine + Essentials Guide

An easy workout routine for beginners and those trying to get back into the gym! This 3/4 week program is perfect for learning how to get started in the gym or trying to get motivated to start working out again! (This routine is perfect for guys AND girls!)

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  1. Warning:
    This is a comprehensive (and I use that word truthfully) critique of this training video and suggests and attempts to instruct. The most important element of all of it is that you need to be the one who does the research and takes responsibility for your health.

    If you are inconsistent in the gym why do you think you have the right to instruct anyone in performing weight movements. Weighted movements are not a joke, injuries can be a serious issue and people like you unwittingly promote crippling rotator cuff injuries, bicep tears and the literal destruction of the knee joints.

    Your programme makes no sense, using the leg extension machine in place of squats? A machine that is the most notorious of all exercises for destroying knees, in favour of Squats…Squats, which are known as "the king of all exercises" for good reason i.e. because of the innumerable benefits not only to leg development but core stability and lower back stability which promotes core strength which reduces the risk of injury in literally everything (even walking around in day to day life or falling over, everything). It also strengthens the kinetic chain which is essential, I could go on.

    Then you have calf raises which no beginner ever should be worrying themselves about in the same way that forearms take a back seat until you are an advanced lifter (anywhere from 1-3 years in depending on training and knowledge, can be even more for people who simply refuse to learn or progress). Training these just exhausts useful energy and they are areas that get enough secondary work anyway (if you are on a regime that is nothing like this i.e. actually effective and not detrimental).

    Look its good that you are trying to promote health and the gym but you should either inform yourself beforehand (this takes years) or use your initiative to realise you know next to nothing comparably about this serious endevour and to refer people to those who know and are trust worthy (but this again requires that you actually know something about lifting weight).

    You haven't even given any guidance as to form which is the most critical element of performing movements. Lets take your dumbbell bench press for example. You are displaying a form error that causes rotator cuff strain. You are pushing too high on the chest, your elbows should be tucked in and your hands further down with your shoulder blades retracted and pushed into the bench, thereby pushing the chest out and causing tension to be placed all across it.

    Another point. Are you aware that the shoes you promote are the worst type of shoes to squat in? The raised sole is not only counter intuitive because its much harder to connect with the floor and push through to exert power, your foot will also tend to wobble on the foam like if you were squatting on a mattress which causes people to sway and lose balance on the concentric portion of the movement (very dangerous especially as squats should be performed with heavy weight). And if you don't intend to squat you should be nowhere near a gym. You can buy a cheap pair of Converse Chuck Taylors which are one of the best lifting shoes especially for the relatively uninitiated because of their very solid, and flat, sole. Conversely, you should never be running in shoes without foam especially on treadmills and other hard surfaces. Ideally, to save your knee health you should be primarily running on earth which will give more and therefore cause less knee trauma.

    I know its good to get people into habits with baby steps but as i've said this is not a joke and you can cause all kinds of imbalances, the destruction of tendons and supporting tissue of joints and straight tears (or the plethora of other injuries you can easily attain if you aren't smart about training) through ignorance.

    Follow a beginner weight routine from a trusted source (I would suggest someone like Jason Blaha or Alex Viada, avoid bodybuilders as they are notorious for relying on genetics and drugs, their form is often awful although not necessarily), try something like a 5 x 5 which is universally accepted as being good, do research don't be mentally lazy if you want to be physically active. Watch form videos and concentrate on improving form a lot (it is absolute critical and essential).

    Don't buy into the Youtube fitness industry, keep your wits about you and question everything, 95% of the people out there are promoting bad form, bad routines, bad supplements and the only reason you'll follow them is because they're juiced out of their mind and you want to look like that (ashamedly 4 years down the line you'll come to the realisation that it is naturally impossible and you will be disillusioned and your dream-like aspirations will inevitably be dashed amongst figurative rocks. The weaker among you turning to steroids in your frustration and realisation of having been sold a lie).

    Here is all you need to know about supplements:

    1: Whey protein is good for upping protein and calorie intake where you need it (especially if you are someone that struggles with gaining weight as drinking calories is one of the best ways to rapidly increase caloric intake hence why so many people become obese from drinking fizzy drinks) [a lot of people really do struggle with gaining weight in the form of muscle]. However, it is not essential and if you can get all you need in real food, do.

    2: Creatine Monohydrate (avoid other forms generally) works, use it if you want but it is not necessary. Also research and buy the right one if you do use it and be aware that due to the nature of it you should be drinking more water as its function is to draw more water from you body intra-muscularly (within the muscle hence why it helps strength and size gain more quickly). Again, research because some creatines can cause irritation to the bowels and some people are just creatine non-responders (it does nothing for them) for unknown reasons.

    3: Do not take a pre-workout, you may become addicted and they are unnecessary in the first place and as supplements are not subject to the same laws as other consumables you can genuinely get bad batches which can cause serious health complications and some products can have bona fide performance enhancing, or stimulating, drugs (example being the original Jack3d which was found to have a methamphetamine in it despite being sold widely and being one of the most popular supplements). Just drink coffee it is much healthier, actually has health benefits of its own and has the caffeine that most pre-workouts essentially are constructed from. I brought a pre-workout once and my whole experience was that I could feel my heart beating out of my chest, I talked like I was on MDMA and my face was itchy underneath the skin from the beta-alanine the first time. After that it was pretty much ineffective and a waste of money past the caffeine it provides (hence why I said just drink coffee). Its better to have a caffeine addiction to coffee than pre-workouts if you must pick your poison and you REALLY need it for motivation or energy.

    4: All other supplements are bullshit other than some vitamins (Multivitamins have never been proven to work only specific vitamins like Zinc and Omega oils have) and BCAAs (which are completely unnecessary for 95% of people).

    Finally the most important and crowning point of all. The thing that will decide whether you gain muscle or not. Your diet. Gains are made in the kitchen not the gym. You can go to the gym for your entire life, if you aren't in a calorie surplus (more than your daily requirement) or don't have enough protein, or both, you will never gain muscle. Carbs are not the enemy they are your source of energy and are essential as are fats. Having a healthy level of fats (generally over 50g for the average as the bottom end) is essential for hormone balance i.e. if you are a guy and your fats are too low you may find yourself unable to perform in other areas if you catch my drift, in more severe cases also develop gynocamastia if your hormones are very unbalanced or even depressives symptoms (don't fuck with your hormones). Your diet is the most important part, take responsibility for yourself and your health. If you have ever been going to the gym and been unable to gain muscle and quit in frustration, this is undoubtedly why.

    If you read all of this you are a true trooper and deserve more than I can bestow (or you need to get a hobby) but I wish you all the luck and I only go into so much depth (ironically this is only part of what you really need to know, again research yourself, knowledge is power) and with such passion because it frustrates me that people falter due to ignorance. Ignorance is no excuse and if I could get even one person to truly gain some muscle and potentially raise their confidence or anything like that i'd be ecstatic.

  2. Hey Alex, I was wondering what type of food should I eat and shouldn't eat and how many meals a day if I do an all body workout 4 days a week? Trying to get back in shape and I just don't know where to start. Thank you and love your Videos bro. No homo…..

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