Quick Fitness Workout

Best 10 min. Workout ★ Great Results fast – Effective Fitness Exercises to Burn & Tone quickly

http://www.Fitappy.com ♦ This workout is one of the best short workouts you’ll ever find! It works your entire body and you’ll sweat a lot. I was 🙂 It includes some cardio, abs, legs, chest and more exercises. One of my favorite exercises here are pop squats (focus on your form) – this will really work you butt, thighs and legs! The best part: this is a home workout – no gym and no equipment required! For more information visit my website: http://www.Fitappy.com

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  1. Hi, I have a question. I am very slim already, and I am just looking to improve my fitness (I play netball and I do cross country) as I am not meant to lose any weight. Will this help for that too?

  2. I first have to thank the instructor of this video for being so nice and energetic! I want to lose about 30 pounds and tone and I watched my mom do aerobics for an hour 3- 4 times a week with little results and just damaged her joints and I been looking for a better way and this video is it! Fast and furious is the solution your working everything and sweating off those calories and fat too! Thank you I love it!

  3. So freaking happy I found this ! Worked out and shockingly sweat a crap ton ! Saved me an hr of slow workouts which added up to less fat burning ! Yay can't wait to do this once in the morning and once in the evening time! Will keep updated results (:

  4. Thank you. This is great. It's raining a lot out and this is great to do at home. And I did sweat a lot! The elbow-to-knee exercise is really hard for me. Do you think it would get easier if I practice every 2-3 days? Thank you.

  5. I have been doing your workout for the past 3 days and it is really working my body. I am really feeling it! Lol thanks for the free class 😉 I do this one with an extra ab workout that that you have on here and I love it! Again thank you for your video's! !

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