Fitness Workout for Women

Best Chest Exercises for Women: Lift Breasts Naturally

Nikki has three exercises for your to help tone, firm and lift your chest, the natural way.
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Four people want to lose weight, they just need help doing it. With a personal trainer designing their workouts and a nutritionist designing their meal plans, they’re motivated to finally make some changes in their lives. If they don’t, the consequences could be deadly. This isn’t just any weight loss competition show: It’s them against their weight.

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  2. Do this exercise if u want smaller Breasts or no Boobs at all, become less attractive (as woman).
    small boobs = less attractive. (theres a reason so many woman Enhance their Boobs…)
    Chest workout for woman is a No-go, unless you want to transform yourself into a woman who looks like a man with no Boobs…. theres no man Earth who wants to have that in his Bedroom…….

  3. Oh please can you NOT? just no. How can you name your YouTube channel "Being fat sucks"? Just HOW CAN YOU? I mean, there are people out there that are suffering of self-image, they're unconfident about their bodies… and YOU can tell them "Your life sucks, your body is not okay" NO. this is not how you can help them, you're just soo wrong. I don't even want to watch any of your videos. Just no.

  4. I have seen videos on dos and donts of working out. That first exercise that she is doing is one of the exercises that you should NEVER do! Always avoid that exercise!!

  5. Thank you. This is the only video I have found that actually addresses the lower chest for women. I have well developed upper chest but lack of tone in lower chest created the effect of nipples too low or pointing down. I am looking forward to seeing results from your exercises.l

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