Fitness Workout for Women

Best Female Street Workout & Calisthenics motivation | July 2016

Bar Brothers – The System – Go Hard Or Go Home!
See The Breakthrough Video That’s Transforming The Lives Of
many people !
Best Female Street Workout & Calisthenics motivation
a small compilation of female street workout and calisthenics
hope you enjoy the video

song #1 : Foxes – Youth (M3H Trap Remix)
song #2 : YONAS – Take Me To Church (Remix)
song #3 : Kichai – Tails
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  1. You used my videos of me quite a few times without permission in this video. I do not like it, please don't do that again. I'd be happy if you reuploaded the video without me in it. I never agreed to be a part of this. How cool the video is or how great the other girls in it are doesn't matter. The videos were still used without permission and waternarks were even cut away.

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  3. the problem with these work outs is that they destroy parts of the body that will make your years beyond 40 very difficult, and you will have a nightmare of a life after 50.

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